Understanding How Origami Can Be An Effective Tool For Teaching

Understanding How Origami Can Be An Effective Tool For Teaching

The modern classroom is very advanced and its dynamics have been completely changed from the traditional way. The transformation has been seen in the techniques and strategies of teaching, the classroom environment, student-teacher interaction, etc.

With everything changing, the teaching techniques have also been changing. Teachers need to be more creative, come up with new teaching techniques and strategies in order to make learning fun. Teachers need to develop skills in the learners in this 21st Century classroom.

Different ways to make learning fun is involving PowerPoint, using props, realia, play, story-telling, etc. These teaching methods depend on the time, the number of students, the aim of the lesson plan, type of lesson, etc. Another great way to make learning fun is teaching through Origami.

What is Origami?

Origami is the art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures. This is a very traditional Japanese practice that has been in existence since ages approximately thousands of years. Here, ‘Ori’ means folding and kami means paper.

This traditional Japanese art can be used in 21st Century classrooms. Origami can be used to teach certain topics to make them lively and interesting for the learners.

Following are a few of the factors that show that origami should be included in the classroom.

Children get introduced to a new culture when we introduce such a form of art that is internationally recognized.
It develops eye-hand coordination
Brings in sequencing skills
Develop and boost their math and reasoning skills
Patience and attention and coordination and concentration are involved so it develops these skills in learners
Fine motor skills are best developed in such activities

With all these benefits, we can say that such creativity as origami can be included in lessons to make learning more enriching for the learners.

Topics like endangered and extinct species can be taught to them with the help of origami. In this, they are doing the actual practical activity which will help them memorize and understand the topic and adequate information can be provided. Teaching young learners needs to be fun and creative. Thus, educators should deliberately involve techniques to make learning innovative.

This type of learning can be introduced from the early ages of the school i.e. right from the nursery level. So, nursery teachers too should have proper knowledge about the various techniques and also their proper execution.

Diploma in Nursery Teacher Training helps to impart new knowledge to the teachers about the different strategies and techniques to teach the learners. Learning is a continuous process and educators as well need to continuously upgrade themselves from time to time. Even the Online Nursery Teacher Training program can help teachers to upgrade their knowledge and skills.

Such type of learning and lesson is the specialty of 21st Century Classroom thus, every educator should have the proper knowledge about the modern classroom and the strategies involved in it.

Thus to conclude, Origami is one way of grabbing the interest of the learners and making it more lively and interactive. Involving other such strategies to make it innovative is very important and a need of the 21st Century classroom.

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