Practical Experience

Teaching Practice is an integral element of teacher training. It grants a novice teacher to experience actual teaching and learning settings. It allows the aspiring teacher an opportunity to get a feel of a real classroom before entering into the teaching profession.

A successful teacher is someone who can easily connect with his learners and understand their needs as individuals. Before starting a career the wannabe teachers should experience the thrill of being part of a real classroom situation to know the learners and prepare and organize for the daily classroom jobs.

Teaching Practice is a vital part of ACT's teacher training courses

Asian College of Teachers offers varied courses which meet the individual needs of aspiring teachers. The courses range from pre and primary teachers training, Montessori teachers training, Early Years Care & Education (EYCE), nursery teachers training, several specialized courses, and many more specific courses to polish your skills.

The concisely designed teacher training course for prospective teachers who are willing to become proficient educators are trained in the methodologies to teach children as teaching is evolving with every passing day. Keeping the modern learning environment in mind, the courses come with varied specializations to choose from. It also equips the potential with the vital skills and techniques of teaching.

Now until you get to perform in an organic teaching setup, you will not know what works and what does not work for you!

All our courses are meticulously ingrained with a standard portion of the teaching practice session. Keeping in mind the accessibility, for online candidates teaching practice sessions (TP) is optional, nonetheless, it is highly recommended. The teaching practice session is not only important for novice teachers but also for experienced teachers as they get to apply the latest techniques in the real classroom. The teaching practice session is always a part of in-class teacher training courses in ACT.

  • Gain practical experience through teaching practice sessions
  • TP session is an opportunity to get an in-depth knowledge of classroom management
  • Learn how to engage the learners of all age groups
  • It is practiced in a real school setting, providing a wide scope to understand the need of learners of different age
  • The hands-on experience involves a broad range of teaching strategies – classroom observations, exchange of ideas within practical settings, lesson planning, micro-teaching, and problem-solving in class, and the use of technology in teaching

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