Modes of learning

Asian College of Teachers conducts all teacher training courses in three different modes like online/live online, distance, and in-class training. Every training mode has both pros and cons. You may select the mode of learning depending on your need.

Live Online in 21st Century style

ACT offers ground-breaking interactive live online sessions on International Teaching Diploma (ITD), TEFL and Virtual Online Teaching (VOLT) programs. These live online courses are apt for aspiring as well as working professionals. Apart from this, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) live online seminars are conducted on a regular basis facilitated by expert national and international academicians.

  • Join in to connect with the trainer and peers across the globe
  • A scope for you to exchange knowledge with people with a multicultural background
  • Improve your skill, develop 21st century teaching skills and learn innovative methodologies of teaching
  • Get yourself equipped with in-depth knowledge on the area of the modern educational industry
  • Become competent in the global platform

The live online programs are pocket-friendly and accessible from the desk of your home. Each of the sessions emphasizes collaboration, interaction, and innovation. The certificate of each of these courses makes you eligible to thrive as a 21st century teacher internationally.

Online learning aids to plan out a flexible schedule

Trainees taking any teacher training course from Asian College of Teachers in the online mode can utilize their time effectively as they can plan out a flexible schedule as per their requirements.

Feature of Online courses are

  • Learn at your own pace from any corner of the world
  • Access the course material 24x7 hours
  • No need to attend the physical classroom
  • Suitable for both newbies and working professional
  • Helps you save money on transport and accommodation
  • Equal credibility as in-class certificate

Online trainees will receive complete support from ACT's administrative as well as academic teams. You will receive a call from the tutor once you enroll in the course and access to the course materials will be given as an e-link with a unique user id and password. You have the flexibility to resolve your queries via mail and can expect a reply from our online tutors within 12 hours. You can also opt for online chat with the tutors between 10 am and 6 pm. You will also have access to videos tailor-made for the courses.

In-class learning - the traditional mode of learning

In-class learning is the most traditional and preferred mode of learning as one can experience the training with the tutors and fellow trainees. You may need to relocate to another city or might have to commute daily to attend the classes. Nonetheless, an in-class program provides a greater opportunity to learn the methods and approaches in a classroom environment which positively affects student learning.

Getting a group together allows all of the training and learning to be focused on relevant topics which are followed by real discussions. In-class learning is regular and systematic learning and always has an extra edge as you will be able to interact with the tutors present in front of you. The experience of sharing and support by the tutors and fellow trainees can be extremely motivating.

Distance learning provides enough flexibility

You can avail any of the teacher training courses from ACT in distance learning mode which has become popular in the modern frame of education as it offers flexibility as well.
With distance learning –

  • Get enough flexibility for learning at your own pace.
  • No need to travel anywhere or attend any training sessions
  • Receive the course material at your postal address
  • Distance program is undoubtedly cost-effective

Distance trainees will receive complete support from ACT's admin as well as academic teams. They will receive a call from tutors after enrolling and all the course materials along with the videos will be sent via courier at their registered address once they make the payment for the course. Since interaction is essential, the distance education trainees have the flexibility to resolve all their queries via mail and can expect a reply within 12 hours of sending the mail. They can also opt for online chat with tutors between 10 am and 6 pm.

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