Teaching Jobs in Kolkata

Achieving the dream that all children in India will get an outstanding education requires for exceptional teachers who can shape the future of the country. Kolkata as a fast growing city has been creating a huge demand for well trained teachers. The city offers numerous job opportunities to the aspiring teachers and the experienced teaching professional. Fat pay cheques, better opportunities, a smarter lifestyle and more opportunities to learn while they earn - these are among the key reasons why Kolkata is attracting job seekers from different parts.

Kolkata is home to numerous private and international schools

Kolkata needs a group of passionate, caring teachers who do whatever it takes for the children to explore and gain knowledge. Kolkata is the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal and a culturally inclined city with a lot of emphasis on education. It is the main commercial and educational hub of eastern India and provides numerous job opportunities. The city is an urban conglomeration, comprising the city and its suburbs, making it the third most densely inhabited metropolitan area in India. Kolkata is home to a number of private and international schools.

Teaching opportunities galore in Kolkata

The city offers numerous job opportunities for the people who want to make a successful career in teaching. The rising number of schools in urban and rural areas is one of the major sources of job creation in the city. Kolkata hosts many pre primary, Montessori and play schools creating a huge demand for the well trained teachers who are certified in the particular field. There are a lot of teaching opportunities in Kolkata for the pre primary, Montessori and nursery teachers. This city has been constantly improving itself in terms of education hence the demand for teachers who are expert in latest teaching methods are constantly rising. An internationally certified teacher can easily find a suitable job here. Apart from that, the TEFL certified aspirants can also find this place suitable as the city offers several jobs for Corporate English trainer, TEFL trainer and expert English teachers. A TEFL course from an internationally accredited institution will give the candidate complete placement support for a great English teaching career.

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