Certificate in Teaching, Training and Developing Professionals

Certificate in Teaching, Training and Developing Professionals

Asian College of Teachers, an Asian leader in teacher education, offers an intense program - Teaching, Training and Developing Professionals. This course caters to the requirement of a motley group of professionals aspiring to be in the different fields of training like Corporate training, Soft Skills training, H R training, Sales and Marketing training, Individual training and others. The training is provided by the accomplished and experienced trainers through workshops and seminars. This training program aims to develop professionals to make a career as an ace trainer. The training program covers areas like how to prepare for and facilitate a training program, grasping a dynamic range of skills for the aspiring trainers such as need analysis, content building, content delivery, measuring target audience, feedback analysis, evaluating the impact of your training initiatives and much more.


What can you expect?

Asian College of Teachers offers this specialized TTDA program to benefit the aspiring and experienced trainers to instill a lot of confidence and shape the trainees into confident trainers. What can you expect?

Pre-Work: Complete a self-assessment and read an ACT Infoline titled, "Do"s and Don'ts for the New Trainer".

Homework: You will feel the need to do some preparation for your skill practice outside the classroom.

Supplementary Resources: This program includes tools and templates to help you apply what you learned on the job.

Entry Requirements and Course Fee

  • Aspiring and working trainers and teachers can apply for the program
  • Business executives and team leaders may also apply for the program
  • Corporate and soft skills trainers and even cross cultural trainers have an opportunity with this program
  • The program will cost INR 25,000 with 18% GST as applicable

Workshop Schedule

LOCATION In-class Dates NO. OF DAYS FEE(taxes as applicable) Apply
Kolkata Coming soon 4 25,000 INR Apply
Bangalore Coming soon 4 25,000 INR Apply
Mumbai Coming soon 4 25,000 INR Apply
Delhi Coming soon 4 25,000 INR Apply
Bangkok coming soon 4 25,000 INR Apply

Training modes

  • The training program is conducted in 4 days in class mode
  • The training program is also available in online mode

Learning Outcomes

Wondering if this workshop is right for you? Read on. . .

By the end of the workshop all participants will be able to:-

  • Develop and hone new and existing skills and knowledge to plan and present interactive and effective trainings in future
  • Successfully analyse learning needs to structure and deliver trainings and workshops and design engaging workshop materials
  • Conduct individual and group instruction and demonstrate work skills, by utilising existing learning resources in a comfortable learning environment
  • Plan, organise and deliver trainings through effective documentation, recapitulating existing learning materials and monitoring learner progress
  • Construct learning activities to support and strengthen new learning, refine existing strengths and identify areas for further development
  • Select and use 21st century modern presentation strategies and techniques that will enhance employee/participant understanding of key concepts and ideas

Curriculum & Structure - 4 DAYS

  • Open your training with PUNCH!
  • A day in the life of a trainer
  • Using a Training Cycle
  • Training vs presenting
  • Learning objectives and tests
  • TNA
  • Adult Learning Principles
  • Intro to the design process
  • Reviewing resources Research learning theories
  • Designing a learning session /module:
  • Developing objectives and assessments
  • Training session structure
  • Instructional Design / Session Planning
  • A sample template
  • Developing resources to support delivery
  • Developing resources to promote the design
  • Quality assurance in design and development
  • Supporting learning and performance in the workplace
  • Reviewing your design from an organisational perspective
  • Learning and development plan
  • Review
  • Personal action plan
  • Preparing Materials, The Environment and You
  • The Four Dimensions of Training
  • Training delivery style Question techniques
  • Preferences for Learning
  • Establishing a Positive Learning Environment
  • Overview of the evaluation process
  • Identifying appropriate solutions
  • Measurement and data collection
  • Case study exercise
  • Developing an evaluation strategy
  • Personal implementation planning
  • Self-assessment

ACT Admission and Support

  • Admission process at ACT is flexible and easy
  • Opt for any online payment scheme
  • Application form can be submitted online
  • ACT's submission department contact candidates via mail or telephone
  • Course fee can be paid by using debit/credit card or by depositing cash, cheque or demand draft in ACT's bank account
  • Candidates get full support from the accomplished trainers
  • Candidates can choose their own time to attend the course
  • Practise session is compulsory after the competition of the course

Job Opportunities

In today's globalized world training and development have become an integral part of the business sector. Top corporate giants are embracing effective training programs enthusiastically and devoting a lot of time and money to corporate training as they want their workforce to develop skills and expertise which will ensure better productivity and improve employee morale in the process. The in class TTDA program will prepare the candidates to train diverse learners across the globe. The course is extensive and appropriate for candidates eyeing to be Corporate Trainer, BPO Trainer, HR Trainer, Language Trainer and Business Coach. There are a number of career options available for those who pursue this program which includes Soft skill trainers and cross cultural trainers at any part of the world. At the same time, the program also prepares candidates to be employed as team leader and business communication executive as well.

Certification & Accreditation

  • Certification from Asian College of Teachers

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