Helpful Ways To Help A Child Cope With Anger

Helpful Ways To Help A Child Cope With Anger

In this era of the Internet of Things and classic Artificial Intelligence, the only thing because of which the ecosystem is still flourishing is human beings and their emotions. Emotions are the basic instincts of human traits and emotional self-regulation is an absolute necessity. There are four basic types of emotions- happiness, sadness, anger, and fear.

Everything has a decent boundary and anybody who will try to step beyond that is bound to be caught in the crossfire. Hence, emotional self-regulation on a daily basis will help a person to assess if he/she is getting overwhelmed. Human emotions are directly proportional to the status of their mental health.

Gen-Z students (born between 1997-2012) are facing several difficulties in their lives. Their emotional stability is a bit shaky owing to several causes. Academic timelines, peer pressure, lack of attention from busy parents, etc., are the reasons behind their agony. All these pains channelized themselves and come out often as anger.

Empowering students by imparting lessons in anger management is one of the most essential counseling skills of teachers. Counseling courses for teachers provide sufficient knowledge to the counselors on the management of human emotions. The counselors help the students to go through certain training and practices. Such exercises enhance the patience level of the students and they learn methods to control their emotions.

What leads to anger in children?

A sense of jealousy, fear, and sadness often leads to the development of anger in children. Sometimes, the behavioral pattern of the parents also triggers anger in children. For an instance, comparison between children with respect to scorecards and rebuking the one who has secured a lower rank is a major concern.

Research has shown that jealousy is a significant catalyst that quickens the pace of anger generation. Kids these days are gadgets oriented and parents prefer handing over an expensive electronic gadget to the kids. They feel that in ding so the kids will stay engrossed into it while they can fulfill to their commitment to any other ground. It is a huge mistake. Gadgets are upgrading themselves almost every 6 months. Buying a phone worth INR 1,00,000 every 6 months is not possible for everyone. The problem arises when a kid finds that his/her peer is having a gadget with extra special features which his/her parents deny buying. Jealousy slips in and ultimately a wave of filthy anger evolves.

Besides, there are several other reasons that initiate a sense of anger in children. Parents, as well as teachers, sometimes fail to understand the reason behind children's anger. According to them, since they always pray for the well-being of the children, the words spoken by them sound motivating to them. But for kids, the scenario sometimes is totally different! Children when they're being compared with others feel low and a sense of inferiority complex hits them hard. They become demotivated and their immature minds start believing that their parents love their classmates more. This kind of sadness shatters them into pieces and then jealousy makes a grand entry.

A classmate having a nicer toy, or a better electronic gadget, or maybe a better hairband, fuels anger in a kid. They feel that they also deserve all those but their parents do not buy those deliberately. As a result, they starting disliking their friends and often get involved in major conflicts. Such behavior is seriously alarming.

Anger management rules in children:

A certificate in counseling course, or a diploma in counseling course, or a post-graduate diploma in counseling helps the counselors how to deal with the emotions of children. Expressing emotions is definitely one of the most beautiful features of mankind but what makes human beings superior of all is their ability to control emotions.

Counseling courses for teachers are mostly online courses and give proper guidance to the students for emotional self-regulation. The counselors aim at empowering students so that they do not cross the boundary while showing emotions. One of the most interesting challenges that a counselor faces is anger management in children.

There is no such particular tool or methodology that can be applied to pacify the minds of the students. After all, kids that not robots that for every hardware defect there is a perfect replacement or for any virus, there is an apt anti-virus. It is all about the mental status of the children and must be tackled with extreme delicacy.

Just like charity begins at home, a proper upbringing reflects how well-mannered a child is. Mental wellness is a topic behind which the global population is running and parents must be responsible enough to take care of it.

There should be unwritten norms set by parents that nobody will talk loudly at home. Slamming of doors, using foul languages, physical violence, destruction of items must be frowned upon by parents. It is not advisable to punish the children at any cost because it often backfires and they become stubborn.

Sibling rivalry is a common phenomenon in today's world. Whenever parents come across their children are fighting, they must stop it immediately. Children must be given opportunities to speak to narrate what is bothering them that has led to a fight.

It has been seen that scribbling down feelings on a piece of paper helps in reducing pain to some extent. In case of a fight, parents can ask the children to make a list of the things irking them like anything. Once they learn the reasons behind their anger, they can solve it with proper guidance. Strict rules like, 'Do not hit your brother/sister next time', or 'Talk and solve your problem from next time onwards, must be framed.

Another lovely idea that parents can apply is called Calm Down Corner. In the room of the children, they should keep all the crayon boxes, papers, glue, pencils, and other materials required for painting. There should be strict instruction given to the children that every time they feel angry, sad, unhappy, or jealous they should use those materials and create something beautiful. Once they start diverting their mind into something creative and colorful, they will gradually lose their temper.

Teachers or counselors, on the other hand, must be patient enough to deal with the anger issues of children. Counselors will have to realize that not a single child is born with anger issues and it is the environment, circumstances as well, that has paved the path of anguishment. They should be sympathetic enough to fathom the pain of the kids.

Various methods of dealing with the students having anger issues are being taught in the counseling courses. The first thing is being a good listener. A child loves sharing his/her heart's content with the person who listens without interrupting. Being a counselor, it is of supreme importance to understand what is going on behind the back of a child's mind. Once the source of pain is spotted, giving a relevant solution seems easy.

Teachers must assure the students that feeling low is okay. It is perfectly fine to feel sad and desire something fancy, but at the same time violence is at all an option. Comprehending the causes for being aggressive is the major lookout. The counselors should make the child understand that hitting someone or being a bad mouth is of no credit. They can narrate fairy tales or stories to the kids where the evils always get punished at the end because of their wrong deeds.

Children must be given time to think of their actions. Teachers or parents should ask for an alternative plan of hitting or showing aggression they are having if any. In case of any alternative strategy, the adults should weigh the pros and cons and instruct the children accordingly. If the kids cannot produce plan B, well, they are in serious need of guidance.

Often, the level of anger surpasses the line of decency and it is undoubtedly dangerous. Children should be offered consequences for their actions explicitly. Rewards like a new color book, a crayon box, or a favorite cookie can be offered if they can control their anger and sort an issue out peacefully. Breaching of rules should lead to a slight punishment sequel. A day without watching a favorite cartoon or no walk in the park can be considered.

Anger is undoubtedly one of the most essential emotions but controlling is even more important. Counseling courses for teachers will help! It is always expected that with proper guidance, love, and care students will realize the evil outcomes of showing anger or violence.

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