In this digital era, it is very important to include technology and other digital media in the classroom to make the learning process more effective and interesting for the learners. As 21st-century teachers, it is very important for us to harp on the importance of inculcating the means of digital media in the classroom.

The use of technology in the classroom has brought a drastic change in the teaching methodologies, way of teaching, etc. The teaching-learning process has also undergone change and has now changed into the digital classroom. Teachers, as well as aspiring teachers, need to also constantly keep on upgrading them with the latest technology and latest integrating technology in classroom courses to be efficient 21st-century facilitators.

Importance of involving technology in the classroom-

  • Creates a more engaging session
  • Help the learner to learn technology
  • Incorporates different learning styles
  • Prepares learners for future

There is a lot of evolvement in the technology so it is very important for us to modify and adjust the lesson plan as per the technology and its impact. This pandemic has helped us understand how we can actually fit in technology in the classroom and our day-to-day school life.

Nowadays, many schools have their own student login portal where different lessons, videos, worksheets, and activities are shared with the learners. This has made student life very easy in the virtual classroom. Below mentioned are some points that will help you to understand whether the technology that you are using is apt for the learners –

Measure by student progress/ learning

The technology that you are using in your classroom or in the school will help to track and evaluate student learning. We can measure the children's progress and learn through the software used. Therefore, the software that you are using should have the ability to improve and maintain learner academics.

What does the data do in the student portal?

It is very important for teachers, administrators, and leaders of the institution to know all the legal criteria, terms, and conditions, privacy policies, etc. Tools should be properly installed to avoid misuse of the data stored and a complaint policy should be mentioned.

Safety and security level of the portal

Safety and security measures should be properly designed. It is very important to have privacy to all the data stored.

Easiness to understand and use for the learners

We need to understand the fact that all parents and children are not tech-savvy. Therefore, the student portal should be user-friendly. The tabs should be easily displayed. Also, an instruction booklet or PDF can be provided to the learners so that they can refer to it in case of emergency.

Additionally, it is very important for educators to keep a note that all learners may not have PC or laptops at their home, so the software that they are using should be accessible on smartphones as well so there is no inconvenience to anyone. Even if you give any activity or worksheet for homework, it is very important to understand whether it is accessible to all the learners.

With all these above-mentioned points, we can say that it is very important for teachers to incorporate proper technology in the instruction. Having said that we should also see to it that it is not overused and proper rules should be set. Learners should be made aware of the pros and cons of it.

Thus to conclude, the efficient teacher training course will help you to know the techniques of using technology and its importance in our lesson plan. Good planning of technology in the lesson makes it more engaging and interesting for the learners. By this, we are making them efficient for their near future.

Written By : Debalina Acharjee