Writing summer school reports that highlight student progress is one of the essential responsibilities that every teacher needs to fulfill. Summer reports are not just valuable for students but also for parents, school leadership teams, and other teachers.

However, preparing personalized summer reports for 50-60 students for every session is not an easy task and it’s a very time-consuming process as well.

Well, it doesn’t need to be.

Because, in this blog post, we will be sharing some of the best tips for crafting personalized summer school reports.

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So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

3 Factors To Consider For Effective Summer School Report

Before getting to know tips for preparing personalized school reports, it’s important to understand the reason behind creating summer school reports. School report is the bridge that connects teachers and parents and it also lets them know how their children are performing academically. According to theschoolcommunicationsagency.com study, it has been found that better teacher-parent communication improves the homework completion rate of students has been increased by 40% and also increases 15% the class participation of students with discipline.

Benefits of Communication
Source: theschoolcommunicationsagency.com

Now, let’s get to know what factors you need to keep in mind to create engaging summer school reports for parents:

1. The present progress level of students

2. Evidence of where students are presently at

3. Lastly, how students can improve further

Tips for Crafting Personalized Summer School Reports

Here are some of the time-saving and effective ways to prepare summer school reports:

1. Keep it Simple

The main purpose of preparing a school summer report is to let parents know how their children are performing in their learning journey. So, it’s very important to write school summer reports in a simple and jargon-free language so that every parent and even student can understand their learning progress.

For example- Instead of stating that- “James is one of those students who’s full of enthusiasm when innovative pedagogic methods are introduced in class”.

Use simple statements like- “James is among those students who show a positive attitude towards new teaching methods.”

2. Write On-Point Feedback

Try to be as precise as possible when preparing supper school reports and avoid using vague statements.

For example- Instead of writing statements like- Mike has done a great job.

Use statements like- Mike has improved significantly in Maths and English.

3. Add Examples

Examples are the best way to help student understand report feedback which not only helps them to improve their academic performance but also helps them to explain summer school reports to their parents.

For Example- Monica has improved her essay-writing skills significantly which I have witnessed in her recent essay on the topic of “Plant Trees To Save Earth”.

4. Give Grades and Explain The Reason

If you give the grades to every student and also make the effort to explain why they have got that grade it will help students and their parents what needs to be done to improve further.

For example- You got a B+ in English because certain verb and tense-related mistakes were there in your assessment test.

5. Utilize Sandwich Model

One of the best ways of writing summer school reports that highlight student progress is by utilizing the “sandwich model”.


The sandwich model simply means stating criticism constructively and sandwiching those statements in between the praises.

For example- Claire has improved a lot in her language skills, however, there’s still scope for improvement in her grammar and tense.

By doing this, you can ensure that student gets enough motivation to keep up their good work and even improve their shortcomings.

6. Give Suggestions

Don’t forget to give your suggestions while writing summer school reports that highlight student progress which helps students to overcome their shortcomings.

For example- To improve your vocabulary, you must learn a word a day.

7. Personalize It

One of the best tips for crafting personalized summer school reports is by personalizing them for every student. You can do it by-

  • Mention the student's name and their pronouns correctly
  • You can add anecdotal sentences about students in their report like- Mark is one of the students who’s always ready to help their peers in their language learning process. He demonstrated this trait by helping his peer in yesterday's class.
  • Be honest in your summer school report about every student but in a constructive way that will help them to improve rather than discourage them.

8. Proofread Your Report

When you are done with your summer school reports, it’s better to proofread them.

This will make sure that your report is detailed and created in such a way as to help students to what they are doing right and in which area they need to improve. This will also ensure student’s parents that their children are in safe hands and they are heading in the right direction for a brighter future.

Summer School Reports Is The Key Of Student’s Improvement

Timely feedback is one of the essential keys in any learning process to ensure that student is on the right track in their learning journey. By writing summer school reports that highlight student progress not only helps students to reflect on their learning journey but also gives parents an idea of how well their student’s is performing and how teachers are helping them to improve any shortcomings.

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Written By : Abhishek