Each and every student regardless of their race, gender, caste, creed, or those who are specially-abled deserves an equal opportunity to learn. For children with special needs, teachers can use the Special Education accommodations method which basically means that teachers need to make sure that there is a certain level of adjustment to be made in areas like, learning environment, teaching methods, and assessment so that those children won’t feel left out and get engaged in learning activities more than ever.

These accommodations are there to make sure that SEN students achieve success academically. Those teachers who have pursued special education courses earlier know very well the value that special education accommodations could bring to special education students.

According to discoveryaba.com, “As of 2021, 2.8 million kids are getting services involving special education.”

However, for those who are planning to pursue special education courses in the future or those who are already experienced SEN teachers, this blog can be useful for you to gain knowledge about the importance of education accommodations and it’s types.

So, without any further delay, let’s get to know everything related to special education accommodations in detail.

What are Special Education Accommodations?

Special education accommodations are modifications made to the learning environment, teaching methods, and assessments to give special education students an equal opportunity to learn. Providing accommodations to special education students ensures that they are given the same opportunities as their other peers. With the help of all these accommodations, special education students can thrive and succeed academically.

Why are Special Education Accommodations Important?

Those teachers, who have pursued Special Education courses, know the importance of Special Education Accommodations very well. It provides special education students the same equal opportunity of education but with extra accommodations according to their needs.

All of the accommodations which SEN teachers made, help them to have equal access to the curriculum, an inclusive learning environment with their other peers, participation in the classroom, and showcase their knowledge without hesitation.

Additionally, the biggest importance of special education accommodations is that it gives special education students a sense of belonging, which is the most essential thing for the young learner, because of it they can feel comfortable in the classroom and not feel left out.

Different Types of Accommodations

There are various types of accommodation that you can use in your classroom so that your especially abled learners can achieve success academically.

1. Presentation Accommodations

Presentation accommodations involve altering how information is presented to the student. This can include providing information in a different format, such as providing audio recordings of the text or providing visual aids to support the text. Presentation accommodations also include providing additional time for the student to process information.

As the name suggests, Presentation accommodations are a type of accommodation that makes the information modified or altered in such a way that special education students can understand. It also involves providing information in different mediums like audio or through visual aids.

Additionally, it also provides additional time to process information as well.

2. Response Accommodations

With the help of Response Accommodation SEN teachers can make it easier for special education students to express or present their knowledge flexibly. Teachers can provide different types of assessment to students such as oral exams or they can give allowance to use a calculator if necessary.

Like in Presentation accommodation, here also the teacher can provide additional time to respond if necessary.

3. Setting Accommodations

Setting accommodations involve changing the physical setting of the classroom or assessment environment. This can include providing a quiet space for the student to work or allowing the student to take breaks as needed.

This accommodation also involves providing additional support, like-assistive technology, or any teacher’s aide if necessary.

4. Timing Accommodations

As the name suggests Timing Accommodations is a type of accommodation that gives additional time to special education students to complete their given tasks, test, or assessments also. It also involves SEN teachers adapting their teaching ways by adjusting the pace of teaching lessons, so that every student can comprehend easily.

5. Organization Skills Accommodations

Organization skills accommodations involve providing support to help the student manage their workload and stay organized. This can include providing a planner or calendar, breaking down tasks into smaller steps, and providing visual aids to support organization.

6. Scheduling Accommodations

Scheduling Accommodations involves SEN teachers making a flexible schedule for special education students so that they can meet their deadlines for tasks. It also involves giving them a break if needed and providing additional time for the transition between class and activities.

7. Behaviour Accommodations

Behaviour accommodations involve providing support to help the student manage their behaviour. This can include providing positive reinforcement, establishing clear expectations, and providing a structured environment.

Major Difference Between Accommodations and Modifications

It is important to note the difference between accommodations and modifications. Accommodations are adjustments made to the learning environment, teaching methods, and assessments to give special education students an equal opportunity to learn and demonstrate their knowledge.

On the other hand, Modification involves activities that will make certain modifications within the curriculum, lessons, and assessments so that students don’t feel overwhelmed and are easier to access.

However, the Modification method should only be used if necessary because it could decrease the academic standards, which will ultimately prove to be a hindrance for special education students in their future within education and workspace as well.

Special Education Accommodations are necessary for children with special needs:

Education should be accessible to every child without any biases. Every SEN Teacher who has pursued Special education courses knows how essential the Special Education accommodations method is. It makes sure that every special education students get access to every aspect of education like- curriculum and inclusive education as well.

It’s the SEN teacher's responsibility to make sure that specially-abled students should get the required accommodations so that they can participate in the classroom more, not feel overwhelmed with all the tasks, should be able to express their knowledge through any medium, and most importantly feel included.

Applying all the above-mentioned types of accommodations, it will make sure that special education students not just thrive academically but in other aspects of life in the future as well.

Written By : Abhishek