Teaching young learners is an awesome job and a challenging one as well. They have a fresh thinking capacity and are always interested to learn new things. TEFL certification course offered by the teacher training Kolkata is teaching TEFL aspirants and professionals various ESL activities for young learners. English learning activities are very popular in ESL classes where the lesson plans are crafted keeping in mind the potential of students.

TEFL-certified English teachers have opportunities in the global job markets. Teaching English as a foreign language includes ESL classroom activities so that students can learn a lot about the language. There are various kinesthetic ESL activities and conducting those is an important component of TEFL jobs.


This is a vital tip that must be taken into consideration before you plan task-based activities in language schools. Internationally recognized online TEFL certification courses will guide English teachers in the TEFL classes on how to chalk out strategies but here are some tips for you.

Wondering how to deal with young ESL learners? Worry no more!

A TEFL teacher must remember that all the ESL students he/she is teaching might not have the same level of intelligence or mental capacity. Non-native English speakers require special guidance when they are attending English learning classes. Thus, without altering the real value of the activity or its expected outcome, ESL educators must plan activities that complement the mental abilities of students.

Young learners always remain active and energized to participate in any task. Therefore, Kinesthetic learners must be evaluated and assessed well before planning any kinesthetic ESL activity for them. These types of activities require strong listening skills to follow instructions very minutely. The main agenda of these activities is to fuel the motor skills and increase the concentration or focus of learners.

The best part of a TEFL certification program is that it imparts knowledge on classroom management as well. Thus, it is the responsibility of a TEFL-certified teacher to track the progress of ESL young learners. Based on the rate of their progress, further activities can be planned accordingly.



Everyone’s heart skips whenever they get to hear the name of their favorite foods. One of the delicious ESL kinesthetic activities is to give a small presentation of what will be served as a 3-course meal. This is a group activity where an English teacher can put 5-6 students together. The teacher should give liberty to students to do their jobs but the presentation should be neat. Students will get to know the names of different food in English and their team working skills will get elevated as well.

Pep Talk:

This is an excellent activity that helps ESL young learners to speak English fluently. The ESL teacher will give a topic to students where they have to speak on that topic impromptu. Suppose, the teacher has given a topic “SEASONS OF THE YEAR” and allotted 5 minutes to a group of 5 young learners. They can divide the time given to them and will speak accordingly.

What’s on your mind?

This particular statement is quite famous as it is often seen on the Facebook wall. Young learners must be aware of current affairs and many other relevant items and it is one of the essential duties of a TEFL teacher. The teacher can give them a topic like any festival where ESL students will be asked to create posters and later give a presentation on it.

Groove and move:

Dancing is one of the finest kinesthetic activities for ESL learners. It is a fun-based activity where young learners can learn various rhymes and dance to them. This session can be considered a warm-up session before starting the regular ESL classroom schedule. A warm-up session triggers the minds of young learners where they get ready to dive into the mainstream schedule.

Writing letters:

Ask your ESL young learners to design letters using pebbles, rocks, papers, etc. This task-based activity is meant for those students who are slow when it comes to engaging with words or letters. Instead of the purely mechanical act of writing and re-writing, they have a visual image that they can remember.

Thus, teacher training in Kolkata is guiding TEFL aspirants and teaching professionals who want to teach English to speakers of other languages. TEFL aspirants can also opt for the niche product called TEFL for Young Learners so that they can cater to the needs of the young learners via various English learning activities.

Written By : Sudeshna Guha Thakurta