Holidays are always exciting. Students await these holidays since the beginning of the session and they plan for these holidays very passionately. It can be a long weekend, summer vacation, Christmas vacation, etc. To make their holidays special and charming, schools have come up with a very cute gesture. They are giving gifts to students to lighten up their mood and fuel their excitement for the holiday session.

Teacher training in Kolkata is endorsing this culture and preaching this message to everyone. This particular certification is helping teachers to understand the mood and mental status of students along with providing them with the best format of education. This certification is recognized globally and accredited by international bodies, thereby scopes to teach in international schools as well as abroad are quite high.

Gift idea for students right before the holiday sets into uplift their encouragement. There are plenty of gifts that can be given to students and the best is that those are very much cost affordable and adorable as well. Not only kids but any person in the world loves presents. Thus, to make students feel special, teachers are marching forward with this amazing idea of gifting them cute stuff so as to make their holidays special.


  • Printable stickers are one of the most pleasing gifts that teachers can give students. These are quite colorful and can be used to stick on any plain surface as decorative items. It can be stuck to the fridges, air conditioners, wardrobe, walls, and so on.
  • Bookmarks are also quite popular as it has been observed that stylish bookmarks attract people’s attention and therefore, they tend to use it. And the best way of using a bookmark is to keep it inside the book! It, therefore, encourages students to read more.
  • Bunch of motivational cards alinged with the days of a week can be a good option as well. Teachers can ask students to read each card defined for a specific day once they wake up in the morning. Thus, their days will start with a motivation and a good vibe will encompass them throughout the entire day.
  • Holidays are ideal for small trip and in a trip nothing can be better than a cool pair of sunglasses. Teachers can get cool, good quality, and affordable pair or sunglasses online which they can gift students. Students, specially kids, love these kind of sunglasses a lot!
  • Over Instagram, there are many small businesses who sell personalized bracelets and if you buy in bulk they often provide some handsome rebates. This option will be wonderful if the size of the class is within 30. Having a bracelet with the initials of their names, students will definitely be overjoyed.
  • Another fantastic idea will be painted rocks. Teachers who have painting skills or are quite passionate of arts, can pick up small to medium size rocks or pebbles and paint on them. This gesture is extremely aesthetic and students will love these miniature arts.

Because of the cost-effective aspect and aesthetic gesture, teacher training Kolkata is supporting this idea of giving gifts to students before their holidays begin. 

Written By : Debolina Chakraborty