Special Education Courses

Course Overview

Asian College of Teachers is providing an extensive range of Special Education courses for aspirants planning to make a foray into the field of Special Needs Education. The courses have been divided into six different categories, each catering to/specialising in the different professional segments of specialised teaching and learning. Our special education courses cover a wide variety of areas relating to SEN, learning disabilities along with new and innovative courses starting from nannying, parenting to teaching assistant and health and safety. The six categories under which the courses fall into are - Childcare, Special Needs, Parenting, Teaching Assistant, Health & Safety, School and Teaching Environment.

ACT Special Education courses are mostly CACHE endorsed, a British endorsing body and an organisation of international repute and excellence that is dedicated to continuously "care for children, young people and adults" by providing high quality services to their caregivers and raise professional expertise. This endorsement by CACHE certainly lends an edge to the certificate and will tremendously help you in getting job opportunities as per your preference across the globe.

Key Information of Special Education Course in Kolkata

Entry Requirements and Course Fee

  • Both experienced and new/aspiring teachers can apply
  • The minimum educational criterion is 10 + 2 or equivalent
  • Fee for the Special Education courses range between 7,500 INR - 23,000 INR

Teaching and Learning Modes

  • The online courses can be covered within 12 months
  • Certificates must be applied within 90 days/3 months of course completion
  • The courses can be pursued from any part of the world
  • Those with basic computer knowledge and an internet connection can apply from anywhere

About Cache

CACHE stands for Council for Awards in Children's Care and Education. It had been established in the year 1945 by the Ministry of Health, UK, and was initially called National Nursery Examination Board (NNEB). Since then it has undergone many changes and is now a part of NCFE, and is constantly working on high quality qualifications. CACHE through its continuous dedication towards "children, young people and adult" caregivers, has managed to raise their professional standards, developing skills and expertise, thereby being able to meet the needs and requirements of today's "modern workforce and helping them reach both their personal as well as professional goals.

ACT Admission and Support

  • ACT's admission process is quite user friendly
  • Option to opt for online payment methods
  • Any form of payment can be availed (by using debit/credit card or by depositing cash, cheque or DD in ACT's bank account)
  • Our Admission Department will contact you via mail or over phone
  • Candidates can learn at their own pace
  • Your queries and doubts will be cleared

Job Opportunities

Due to the increased awareness and timely diagnosis of children, the prospects and opportunities for qualified Special Education Needs Teachers are huge and will remain favourable for the coming decades. Therefore, aspirants who are passionate about helping SEN learners in developing themselves, after completing any of our courses may well expect to get employed in various positions that will enable them to work with the SEN learners who suffer from disabilities like autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Asperger's, etc. anywhere around the world. For those looking for Teaching Assistant positions in institutes will certainly find many new exciting opportunities coming their way, as they complete any of our courses for Teaching Assistant. For teachers looking to have a thorough knowledge on Nutrition and/or Health & Safety for Young Learners in their classroom, will find our courses on the subject highly beneficial. Moreover, our courses on Parenting provide excellent resources for parents to learn the appropriate ways of dealing with their children and making their journey of parenthood less bumpy. Apart from these, many other short specialised courses focus on acquainting the aspirants with the requisite desired knowledge and skills and help them with their career advancements.

Hence, candidates looking for a career in their home country or abroad whether in Asia, Middle East or Europe may find opportunities in various schools, day care facilities, hospitals, private clinics, or even work in learner's homes.

Certification & Accreditation

  • Candidates receive globally accepted certificate from Asian College of Teachers
  • Courses at Asian College of Teachers are mostly endorsed by CACHE, UK
  • For CACHE endorsed courses, separate CACHE endorsed certificates will be provided to the candidates

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