About Us

Asian College of Teachers is an outstanding training organization with its sole focus on high quality teacher education which boasts of a strong global presence with an impressive 20,000 enrolments covering all levels of teacher education in the pre-primary, Montessori, nursery and TEFL domains.

Who are we?

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) is considered to be one of the finest teachers training organization with significant global popularity. It has a splendid record of 20,000 student enrolments and has achieved a milestone in receiving Asia Pacific Achiever's Award for Education and Training at the 10th International Seminar held in Bangkok on 11th November, 2016. ACT has been contributing significantly in the field of teacher education in order to produce quality teachers in the pre and primary segment, who can thereby relish the absolute opportunity to sow seeds of effective education and shape amiably effective classroom environments for their students. Thus, it stands to promote global awareness and endeavours to appease the global education market's demand for refined teaching professionals through its diverse teachers training courses.

Asian College of Teachers was started with a complete focus on teachers training to prepare as well as empower outstanding global educators in the field of pre and primary teaching interweaving theoretical knowledge and practical know-how. Several more courses were introduced over the years, which adhere to the highest educational quality control maintaining the international standard and soon attracted an impressive level of popularity. In addition, specialized courses were also incorporated into the institute's course lines involving - Teaching Grammar, Teaching Phonetics, Classroom Management, Certificate in Classroom Material Development, Pre-school Administration and Management, IT in Classroom and Special Education. Asian College of Teachers shouldered the responsibility to retain this success story of its teacher training programs with solemn sincerity and efficiency.

Moreover, ACT has also participated in the creation of helpful teacher training workshops in various schools, which were a consequence of association with several educational institutes and schools. These workshops strive to pour creative techniques and new teaching skills into the teachers' minds, and are carefully designed to match the diverse requirements of the different schools.

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