About Us

Asian College of Teachers is an outstanding training organization with its sole focus on high quality teacher education which boasts of a strong global presence with an impressive 20,000 enrolments covering all levels of teacher education in the pre-primary, Montessori, nursery and TEFL domains.

ACT Worldwide

Asian College of Teachers' intensive teacher training courses and excellent tutors have permitted it to gain recognition in the field of teacher education on a global scale. The global education is facing a certain growth with a huge demand for competent teachers, and thus ACT aims to shape expert teachers through its courses, who can therefore utilize their skills appropriately. In a world, wherein the pen beholds more strength than swords, the presence of trained teachers to impart the knowledge plays an exceptionally vital role. ACT's quest on continuing the success story has enabled it to derive the magnificent opportunities to train students from South East Asian countries like Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, Middle East and South Africa. In fact, ACT has managed to train more than 20,000 teachers worldwide, and aspires to retain this stupendous performance by constantly improving its teacher training courses.

ACT has been facing a rapid expansion in the global teachers training market, as it tries to come up with new customized courses for the modern age teachers and education system. The candidates planning to extract likely employment opportunities in the teacher training sector, must own a reliable degree that ACT promises to provide. Applications are emerging from Asia, Australia, New Zealand and America. Moreover, the relatively reasonable fees, convenient structuring and instant access to a variety of courses, ensure that the trainees are able to get hold of the learning pattern with adequate confidence and positivity. Furthermore, the trainees get the scope to get exposed to a multicultural teaching experience, which increases their overall comprehension of the courses. Thus, these factors have consequently acted as a further motivation for international candidates to get enrolled in ACT's courses.

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