Selective Ways in Understanding Child Psychology with Teacher Training Course

Joan Lucariello, a popular name in psychology had once uttered,

“Psychological science has much to contribute to enhancing teaching and learning in the classroom”.

Thus, being a successful primary school teacher demands the requirement of abilities to understand a child psychology. The primary step is to engulf the tips and tricks that would help in judging and analyze the activities of a child and further assist the teacher in shaping up a healthy personality within the child. Teacher training courses in Bangalore particularly comprise of separate segments that teach aspiring teachers the requirements and the mechanism to comprehend the psychological changes in a child followed by several techniques that stands necessary for nourishing them into a proper human being.

Few indispensable ways in understanding child psychology are as follows,

  • Less A Guardian, More A Friend:

Whether it is parents or teachers, being a friend is more applicable than enforcing rules like a strict guardian. Interacting with children in a friendly manner helps to create a fine-tuning within the child and the teacher. This root of trust stands necessary for a teacher to understand a child’s growing psychology. An efficient teacher keeps an equal balance in attitude being both friendly and casual in one hand and holding on to the knot of rules on the other.

  • Observation:

Needless to mention, if you are a primary school teacher, you should invest enough time observing the nature of the child. In other words, the teacher should keep a record on the way the child walks, sits, eats, communicates and spends time throughout the day. Observation helps in extracting out the progressive growth in a child. Even unusual behavior gets noticed by teachers on observations that are required to be mended.

  • Spend Time With Them:

More you spend time interacting with a child, more you become aware of his mental growth, this psychic metabolism. You get to know what the child thinks, what he wants and more on his insights. A teacher is often proposed to play and execute activities like reading books together that helps in getting a complete frame of the child psychology.

  • Establish The Sense Of Self Esteem:

One of the prime features that help a teacher frame the child psychology is to imbibe the sense of self-esteem within the child. Praise them for their small achievements. This helps in boosting their self-confidence that creates a strong mental psyche. However, you must remember not to make them overconfident.

  • Sessions For Expressions:

Often it is noticed that primary or Montessori school give huge emphasis on scheduling classes for children to express their own thoughts. This might be conducted as story-telling or drawing and crafts sessions. Children in these classes can interact and express them to the fullest and thus creates a fine space for proper understanding of their psychology.

  • Ask for Opinion from Them:

Often this technique helps in sketching the present psychological update of a child. Ask them for an opinion on common issues and you can easily assume their psychic growth and stability.

  • Never Rebuke A Child:

Human beings make mistakes. Unnecessary and excessive scolding on a child may result in complete turnover of his mental psyche. He might refuse to speak and share thoughts too. Handling a child requires you to be extremely delicate and soft both in behavior and from the heart. If anything is wrong, you have to pay proper attention to the matter, listen to the child without rebuking him.


One of the secrets of being a successful teacher is to be aware of child’s psychology. Proper attention and more sessions of engagement are often suggested in teacher training courses in Bangalore. The aim is to facilitate the developmental process within the child.

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