Overcome Classroom Stage Fright with Primary Teacher Training Course

The human brain has the fight-or-flight response baked into it that tends to come to the fore every time there is a perceived threat. If confronted by something scary, our body will shut down its nonessential functions automatically such as digestion while amplifying the blood flow, perspiration, and muscle tension to help you crush the danger or make your way to safety. Many individuals suffer from the fear of public speaking which relates to the ancient fear of being eaten. Around thirty-five thousand years ago in the sub-Saharan African territory, when a couple dozen eyes stared at you it indicated lunchtime for a pack of predators. The same feeling often applies in the classroom and can be reversed by enrolling for a primary teacher training course in Bangalore.

You are aware that one easy way to help you relax is when you practice presentations. Also, you could try arriving early to organize the place and troubleshoot technologies that may be in use. Here are some more tips for you to look into.

Move Around, Laugh, and Take a Deep Breath:

Before the class begins, release some of your nervous energy by jumping for 15 times in the bathroom. It is bound to make you laugh. Shake up your limbs a bit and release some of the nervous tension. Take slow breaths deep from your belly while keeping the hands on the back of the hips.

Do a Two Minute “Power Pose”:

Adopting a body language that is associated with dominance for no more than 120 seconds is sufficient for a 20 percent increase in testosterone levels and 25 percent decrease in stress hormone cortisol. Put simply, you can adopt these postures in order to feel more powerful.

Depositing Easter Eggs into the Curriculum:

Are you dreading negative response from the students to a conceptually confusing lesson? Keep some surprises for them in the lesson that they can look forward to. Playfulness is contagious and a great way to build confidence. You can get ideas when you undergo professional development courses for teachers.

Have a Ritual That Kicks-Off the Class:

The first couple of minutes in a new class are usually the most intimidating. So you can plan some sort of ritual to start things off. A minute spent in sharing good news is a suggestion. Besides marinating the group in warm connections, it ensures the spotlight remains on students and not on you.

Reinforce the Content:

You can try coming prepared to class with ancillary materials such as PowerPoint presentations, advance organizers, handouts, and posters. Avoid trying to portray yourself as verbally gifted but let your material do the necessary talking on your behalf.

Do Not Give Up Your Position:

If you come across students in the classroom with blank faces, don’t interpret them as angry or uninterested. There could be some other reason and you need to find that out!

Get Committed to an Emotion:

Before classes commence, recall the last time you were all excited and happy. When classes actually begin, it will help you stay more animated and relaxed.

Last but not the least, find a source of inspiration for yourself while undergoing your primary teacher training course in Bangalore. Every experience you have can help you gain confidence and courage by which you can really stop and look fear in the face. You should be able to say to yourself that just because you lived through the horror, you will be able to take on the next thing that comes your way.

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