Learn the Use of Storytelling in Teaching with Nursery Teacher Training In Kolkata

Stories have something about them that has a long lasting effect in the mind of the perceive, something of an organized narrative teaching strategy serving as a unique kind of glue to linger on in our minds, long after the formula and facts fade away. As part of nursery teacher training in Kolkata you will be taught the value of leveraging this adhesive for your own students, weaving the necessary information and skills with the magic of storytelling. Despite the magnetic pulling power of these teaching strategies and narratives, it can often be difficult to accommodate storytelling in an otherwise busy daily lesson plan. Nevertheless, it is important that as a teacher you make it work in the classroom for best results.

Making stories an integral part of the teaching strategy

Is it important to schedule time for storytelling or should it be looked upon as something organic? Should there be some kind of requirement attached to storytelling or should it be allowed as merely a fun event? Honestly, there is no right or wrong to the whole plan as we look at some of the approaches that may be adopted for including storytelling in the classroom.

Tell your own stories just for fun:

Let your students know of the time when you were their age, about those moments when you failed, succeeded, or some memorable lessons that you picked up along the way. This will act as a strong bond between you and the young learners, let them know that you are able to relate to them and vice versa.

Let stories be your introduction:

Teachers typically encourage their students to use attention-grabbing techniques for speeches and essays so it only makes sense for them to put the same technique into practice as educators. Let your class begin with an interesting story but make sure it is relevant and focused on the concept being taught as part of your lecture.

Stories can be your illustrations:

When you are trying to get your point/s across on a relatively difficult concept for the class, an easy way of explaining things is to explain the concept with the help of a story. Where facts and figures usually don’t work out, a simple narrative can be of immense value.

Fit in storytelling with your learning goals:

As a teacher you want your students to develop proper listening skills. Storytelling can prove beneficial and can be incorporated into the larger picture and help in achieving the desired outcomes.

Stories can help engage the reluctant learners:

During your nursery teacher training course in Kolkata you will gain knowledge regarding how some students experience difficulty in connecting to abstract concepts and monotonous textbook matter. Yet, these same people have little issues when it comes to connecting to stories with concepts. Through a proper storytelling session, you can make life and learning more relevant for these little ones and give the reluctant learners a better angle with which to engage themselves.

Trust me when I say that storytelling works!

The narrative of storytelling is equal, if not more, compelling than essays and textbooks. That provides an opportunity to connect like-minded characters and see the world from the skin of another person. Stories touch the emotional chords and can make people fear, cry, laugh, or even get angry in what is a sharp contrast to mere presentations. Truth be told, there is something about how a narrative shapes up that resonates greatly with the human mental makeup.

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