Get Home Task Assignment Tips with Primary Teacher Training in Kolkata

Numerous people – experts and novices alike – have come to the conclusion that framing the timetable, ranks as the most difficult and vexed job that any school administrator has to deal with. The main reason: there are a number of principles, conditions, and factors that need to be taken into account. As a teacher or someone who is part of the administrative staff, you will need to keep in mind the type of school you are dealing with, its aims and objectives, and nature of various activities that need to be performed in order to achieve these objectives. This is something you will get to learn as a part of your primary teacher training course in Kolkata.

Grade The Assignments Properly:

The grading of the homework should be done as per the interests, needs, and abilities of the individual pupils and not according to the whims and fancies of the teachers.

Make It An Integral Part Of The School Curriculum:

All assigned home tasks and homework should constitute an integral part of the course of study that the school is following.

Keep the Timetable Prepared Well In Advance:

You need to keep the homework timetable prepared, well in advance, with proper share being given to every subject that is being taught. Copies of these timetables detailing the homework and class task schedules should be shared with the parents in order to seek their co-operation as this forms a very important part of the process. You need to occasionally seek their opinion with regards to the quality and suitability of homework provided as this will help in your own progress and development.

Seek Cooperation From Other Teachers:

Various subject teachers assigning homework need to have a good deal of cooperation between them. Cooperation is an important aspect of the teacher training course in Kolkata that you need to undergo before becoming a professional teacher. The head of the institution needs to see to it that the teachers exhibit proper co-operation while planning the homework.

Secure Cooperation from The Parents:

Primary school teachers also need to convey the parents regarding the homework that they assign as home tasks. Parents should not hesitate to inform the school in case they find their children spending too much or too little time attending to home assignments from school.

There Needs To Be Proper Planning:

Before you actually decide to give any homework, make sure that you have thought through and planned it well. Do not just hastily assign something at the end of a lesson but have it connected in some manner to the work done in class. If you simply say things like “Do the next five questions”, “Read the next proposition”, or “Write whatever you have learnt today” it indicates a very careless and insensitive way of assigning home tasks.

Don’t Use It as a Tool to Punish:

Do not let students think that homework is a tool for punishment else they will develop anathema towards it. Take into consideration the child’s conditions at home such as presence of sick members, family employment, and general home environment.

In case homework is not assigned properly, there is the risk of it becoming strenuous and oppressive for the student, leading to mental tension and bad habits such as truancy, copying, and telling lies. There should be some psychological planning to assigning homework with selective assignment and thorough checks. Last but not least, all tasks assigned for home should be useful, interesting, and attractive for the young students.

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